Friday, June 12, 2009

Sean first 4th birthday gift!

Our apartment staff gives gifts to the residents each month for birthdays. Sean got to pick out his gift, he chose M&M's! That's my boy:)
He said that he would share with everyone, but I told him that he needed a good lunch first. We had green beans, mandarin oranges, and left over beef pizza. Since the kids ate well, they were able to have some chocolate candy!

Sean's birthday is the 22nd, so there will be more birthday picks to come!


  1. His Mama's boy for sure!
    A smart one that boy is, scoring his own bag of m&m's!! And Eleanor (and Mom and Dad?) scored a little too!

  2. Henry calls M&M's "mama's candy".

  3. That's neat that they send out a treat! Our complex sends a generalized "Happy B day to all our residents" in the monthly newsletter. Like yours so much better!

  4. Cool present! And I just realized that Sean's birthday is tomorrow, so if you happen to read this in time, tell Sean that Hayley & Ada and their mommy says "Happy Birthday!" :) .