Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More from Sean's bday

It was a HOT day on the 22nd! We went to the water park for a while and it was so nice! We all had fun, but after a while the kids got tired and hungry. Chloe slept most of the time, but she woke up towards the end and I took her in the water some. Oh, by the way, she can sit up all by herself from a laying down position! I am so amazed at that little girl!

Eleanor was more interested in the snacks than smiling for the picture.

In other news, Tab and the kids got here today all the way from Florida! We got to see them for just a little bit this evening, but they will be here until the middle of July, so I am sure I will got some pictures to share before too long. Also, tomorrow is Sean bday party at Grammy's house!

Chloe and Sean had their well child check ups today. Sean is 36 pounds and 43 3/4 inches! He was very excited that he got to pee in a cup for a UA! Chloe is 15 pounds and 2.5 ounces and 24 3/4 inches. She is my chunk if I compare her to the others at the same age! I must say, I am proud of myself, because that is all Mommy's Milk! She will not take any other food or a bottle at this time, but the other two were on formula and baby food at 5 months! I had wanted to exclusively breast feed for a whole year and it looks like I might not only make it to my goal but also exceed that goal! Yay me!

Now, on to more depressing news. We have been kind of looking at houses and finding that we just probably can't afford one at this time. The apartment we are in is really very nice, but we are starting to feel cramped. Also, we would love to have a yard free of dog poop for the kids to play in. Anyway, we are just asking for prayers for guidance etc. If we just need to stay put, then that is what we will do. It is fun to dream, but too often I think I get my hopes up and then I get upset when I realize that sometimes our dreams just can't come true...at least not yet!


  1. i will definitly pray about the housing! And happy bday to your big boy sean.and way to go with the breastfeeding!