Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sean is getting very excited to start Preschool in September, and last year I bought several Preschool books and flashcards to help him be more prepared. He loves learning and it all seems like fun and games to him right now, which I think is great!

Today we finished one of the books together and he passed with flying colors! I thought it was really neat that they had a certificate in the very back of the book, so I wrote his name on it and took a picture and told him how smart I thought he was and how great he did learning everything in the book! I think he was pretty happy with himself too.

He is terrific at Memory, and he loves counting! The alphabet is still pretty tricky for him, but he does know how to write the letters in his name, though not in order, and he is starting to recognize some letters. I think he gets confused about which symbols are letters and which are numbers. He also does very well with colors, shapes, comparing things, continuing on a sequence, and things of that nature. I hope that this love of learning new things drives him his whole life! No matter how many things I think I know, there are so many more things to learn!


  1. So proud of Sean and his Mom,s interest in teaching him and getting him prepared. Sean is a very bright boy so should have no trouble in pre school. Good job, Liv!!! Love, Grandma b.

  2. Wow, you inspire send the kids to Gates Preschool!

  3. Go Sean!!! And Olivia!!! It is always so neat to see kids' desire to learn. Hayley really likes doing flash cards a lot too. We have the same set of numbers cards, and also the alphabet ones too. I've been looking through the books when we go to Wal-Mart--how cool that they have a certificate at the end!