Monday, June 29, 2009

Amazed am I!

This morning the kids and I went to one of our parks to take a walk and also so Sean could ride his new bike! We tried to beat the heat, but it was still pretty warm. Sean was gung-ho and ready though, so I pushed the girls in the stroller and he did so great keeping up with me on his bike! Actually sometimes I had a hard time keeping up with him! It was such a nice sunny day and even though it did get hot, it was much better than the 100+ weather we've been having lately. Count your blessings right? I was very surprised when Sean wanted to go around two times. After that he was pretty beat though. We did go swing and slide at one of the playgrounds for a while, but all of them were ready to go home and eat after that.

Goofy Sean riding his bike, so proud!

These pictures show you the size of the path that we walked/rode. I really am surprised that Sean did so well! In the third picture if you click on it to make it bigger you can see my blue Crown Vic.

Sean found a kaleidoscope at the playground. He new favorite toy!


  1. Hey!
    Cool pictures.
    hope you are doing O.k.