Thursday, May 28, 2009

We did something different today

There is a park across the street from the Library and behind the City Hall building. I always forget it is there, but it is so very nice. I will certainly remember it from now on. Here are some pictures from today.
There is a very nice fish pond and picnic area.
My sweet family taking in the view.

Sean took this picture of Chris and I!

Eleanor wanted to take a picture of mommy and daddy too.

When we got home Sean wanted to show me how strong he is!


  1. Wow, Liv, great, vivid color in these pictures, of course it was a spectacular day outside today!! Those pics are "post-card" perfect!! Good job! I looked at your other posts too and I love the tulip tree blossom, so unique! That Laurie Lynn and her "green stuff" knowledge--way to go Laurie!! Enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing! Love,Jill

  2. Pretty park! I see that ground cover a lot around here too.

  3. Nice pics of the city center of McPherson. Cool fish(es). Good job, Sean, taking pictures of mama and daddy! You are so strong, too!

  4. What great photos, Liv! (I love the ones with the fish! And of course love your happy faces too!) Mac has such nice parks!
    I'm glad you can enjoy them!

  5. Before I read the caption, I figured that Eleanor was reaching for the camera!
    I hope I didn't start something by letting the kids use my camera! Just say, no!

  6. Fun day! What blue water that is where the fishes are!