Saturday, May 23, 2009

This and that

Eleanor found these cute sunglasses at the park. I am sure some poor little kid was upset when they realized that they'd forgotten them, but we claimed them anyway since there was no one around. They really are quite cute! The are glittery and have rainbow stripes on them too!

I keep meaning to mention that my flowers are doing quite well so far. Someone plucked my Petunias out of the dirt and threw them by our front door. I thought they were probably done for, but I replanted and watered them and I have actually gotten a new bloom! Also, my parents brought two new flowers and also some mulch to put around to help keep in the moisture and make them look prettier! I see lots of little buds on my Marigolds and they are slowly getting bigger and looking more golden! Can't wait for them to be in full bloom!


  1. Fun, stylish glasses, Eleanor.
    I'm sorry someone was so rude to have done that to your flowers but glad that they are seemingly alright now.
    Nice flowers!

  2. I like the flowers & sunglasses! It's cool that your plant was so tough to make a recovery like that!

  3. Someone felt guilty and tried to return them??? lol...cute glasses!