Thursday, May 07, 2009

Splish splash I was takin a bath!

We went to the store the other evening and I was feeling generous, so I got some bath crayons for the kids. They couldn't wait to take a bath and try them out!

Ellie's bath art

Sean's bath art


  1. Did Sean draw all by himself? Wow! They had fun!!! I think the splurge was worth it!

  2. We have some of those too but they aren't that into them. I think they would like the bath water dye. Sean is a good artist! Cute clothes. Cute kids!

  3. I always wondered if those bath crayons worked! Looks like they had a blast!!! Cute clothes finds too--I love clearance!

  4. My kids love the crayons too! But your tub is perfect because mine I always have to scrub in between the tiles.