Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day 2009

This morning the kids and I went with mom and Christine to leave flowers on grandma's door for May day.

Here are Sean and Eleanor posing in front of grandma's lilac bush with the bouquet before going to the door. We parked on the side of the house so we could sneak up and then hide after we rang the doorbell.

Sean hung the flowers on the mailbox and then Christine knocked on the door

Here we are on the side of the house waiting for grandma to open her door so we can surprise her

Surprise! Happy May Day Great Grandma Bubbles!

We went in a visited a while. Chloe got some time with her great grandma too!

Mom brought May Day flowers for Sean, Eleanor, and me too!


  1. I love that picture of Sean waiting for grandma to open the door! He KNOWS it's a surprise, you can tell by his expression and he's soooooo excited!
    I enjoyed all the pictures.

  2. Those were fun times! I remember the day!
    Love ya!