Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book time!

Our library recently did some remodeling. It's been done for a while, but I haven't been back until today. The library is just not a place I go with three small and sometimes loud children. Anyway, I did take a few pictures because it is very nice!
Eleanor loved the little couches that were just her size:)

When Sean got done looking at books, he got to play in the children's room!
This room is also where they have board books in these colorful plastic bins. In our house board books are known as "Eleanor's books" and paper books are know as "Sean's ripping books" because sometimes Eleanor is not very gentle and we have to really watch her so she doesn't rip the paper books and oftentimes we ask Sean to help Eleanor get some of her own hard books off the shelf that she can't rip.
I was very impressed to find that they also have a separate "nursing room"!
Here is another stained glass window, this one of a tree, and a cute statue of two little kids reading on a bench. Sean and Eleanor thought that was very interesting.


  1. Oh the library turned out so well! I wish I could see it in person!

  2. Wow, your library is really nice! I really like all the picture windows, and the room with all the cool furniture for the kids, and the nursing room! When Hayley was a lot younger I had to take the paper books away from her too. I found that out the hard way! Nothing a tape job couldn't handle, thankfully. This post reminded me that I need to head over to our library. Jeremy has been bugging me for his next book for awhile now! (He keeps a list of titles that he wants to read, so that way when I go I know what to look for.)

  3. I like to see other librarys! It looks very nice! I usually do not browse for myself, especially with five kids during the week, but I have found that reserving via the internet is really easy! I do that for quite a bit of the stuff for me and even for the kids! The furniture is definately fun!