Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tab, I hope you don't mind...

Tab sent some pictures via snapfish, so I saved a few that I really liked to my pictures and thought I would share them here.

I am not completely sure, but I think this was taken in either February or March 2007. I know I was pregnant with Eleanor at the time and Sean was around 20 or 21 months.

Here is my adorable little nephew Henry! This was taken the same time as the one above. He was just over one year at the time!

Here is my Grandad Dale (dad's dad) with Marcail. This was St. Patrick's Day 2007. This I know because that is what Tab typed in the caption and Marcail is wearing green! My beautiful niece Marcail and her twin Henry were 14 months in these pictures. I love their four teeth in front! So precious!

Here is my darling youngest niece Naomi. She and Eleanor are just 7 weeks apart. This was also taken in March 2007. Eleanor was not yet born, so I believe that she was in the 5-6 week rang here?

LoL! I LOVE this picture:)

About one week before Eleanor was born in March 2007, Princess and her tribe came for a visit and we all met at the park to let the kids play. Here is a picture of her oldest of 4 children and only daughter Salma holding Naomi.

Sean and Marcail climbing up the stairs of the elephant slide.

Here I am helping Marcail down the slide.

This is not a great picture of me, but here I am one week before the birth of Eleanor! I remember that day being quite warm and windy and I was miserable and my feet were swollen!

These last two pictures are of Marcail currently. She is such a pretty little girl! Oh how I miss my nieces and nephew so far away in Florida:(

Hmmm, notice MOST of the pictures are of Marcail??? I think there were only 2 of Naomi. Poor third baby!


  1. Oh, I can hardly stand it! Seeing how LITTLE and CUTE they all were! Don't get me wrong, they still are, but seeing these pictures makes me want to shout, " Now just hold on a minute all you sweetie pies! Just stop that growing up so fast! I mean slow down! What's the hurry? I want to be able to pick you up and kiss your cheeks for a long while longer!!(Okay! I admit! I'm typing this with tears streaming down my cheeks. Ugh! Those bless-ed children!)
    And Liv, how darling you looked in full bloom, with ELEANOR!! And now baby Chloe!! Could somebody slow this time from running by so fast?!!

  2. Oh they were so sweet and little and chubby! Even skinny-bones Henry.

  3. So many cute pictures!!! I know you must miss Tabitha and her gang a lot.

  4. Oh my goodness, how cute are they??! It's so funny...Sean looks just the same....only a little older.