Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter morning

No one was in very great picture taking mood yesterday morning, but here are some pictures anyway.
Sean looking in his Easter basket

The kids with their rabbits

Neither older sibling wanted to hold the baby for a picture, but Eleanor did want to sit with her.

After a while we got them to sit together for a picture or two

Chloe's 1st Easter!

Stop saying "CHEESE"!

Are we done yet?

Daddy tried to get them to laugh, but it didn't work.


  1. They may not have been in great picture taking moods, but oh, these pictures "paint a thousand words"!

  2. All well! At least you got pictures for good memories because you know we'll look back to these days and wish we could just go back for a little while. Sweet little ones you have there.

  3. These were "reality photos" nothing fake here! Honestly I thought they were good Liv! A few did make me chuckle however:)