Friday, April 03, 2009

Birthday Bliss

Since it snowed last weekend and we were not able to have Eleanor's party on Saturday, we had it last night! Here are a bunch of pictures.

This is my Grandad Dale holding Chloe. He loves his Great Grandkids!

Christine was that official meat griller

Eleanor was so proud of herself climbing up on the bench. She loves her Grandad and always tries to get his attention. I think she was singing her book to him.

My husband and proud father of our kids

Chris made another frog cake. This one is slightly different in the colors used.
We also had cupcakes in case there was not enough to go around. Plus that way we had chocolate or "funfetti" cake to choose from.
My Grandma and Eleanor

The birthday girl getting ready to blow out her candle

"I did it!"

Our family (minus Chloe)

Excited to open presents!!!

Eleanor loves this new book from Grammy. It is really neat. There is a heart-shaped picture of Ellie inside and when you open the book some music starts playing and there are little lights that flash all around her picture. Very cute!


  1. Great pictures Liv. Ellie really got in to the Birthday Celebration.Nice time for the family. Have a fun weekend. love you, grandma B.

  2. Love the pics, Liv! I'm still thinking we need group photos when we're together! I guess I can be the annoying one to rally us all together! (I so often forget!) You need to help me remember!

  3. Those are really nice pictures. Eleanor looks so much like Naomi it's probably just the closeness in age or maybe our gene??

  4. Tab, I think there's something in the smile that really makes them look alike.