Saturday, March 28, 2009

More birthday pictures

Here is our birthday girl just waking up this morning.

Here she is after breakfast opening her presents. She is sitting in her new chair!

She loved her Dora wrapping paper and Princess gift bag : )

She got some bracelets, necklaces, and a new toy phone with a little pink hand bag.

Very excited about her new phone!
She also got a new Blue's Clues DVD and Dora and Boots t-shirt.
A new big book with lots of pictures and new words to learn!
Daddy made this hippity-hoppity frog cake and decorated it last night for Eleanor!


  1. Cute birthday girl and cute cake! I hope I can get a piece! The cake may be gone before the snow is melted and we can get our car through to you!
    Crazy snow!

  2. That's my kind of birthday party, small and laid back. How un-stressful. Happy Birthday, Eleanor! That cake looks yummy.

  3. P.S. I like this Happy Birthday template, so cute!

  4. Nice Birthday party, nice cake, Chris!!! What a great way to spend a Birthday when you're all snowed in. I'm wondering if that's your car that is almost covered.
    Ellies chair is so cute and I love Chloes too.
    The furniture is just so precious. Just leave it to your Mom to find all the bargains. She is just like her Grandma Ford, just has a knack for it. Happy Birthday Ellie, Love you, G-Grandma Bubbles

  5. What a wonderful birthday time! Way to go, Daddy, on that cake - you did an outstanding job!!!!!!

  6. Eleanor and Hayley would get along great :) . Looks like she had a good b-day! And Chris did a good job with that cake, wow!