Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fat Lip

My poor little boy fell and cut his lip on the coffee table that you can see in this picture. As much as it bled I thought that he lost a tooth at first! Thankfully it was just his top lip. After we put a cold, wet paper towel on it for several minutes, Sean seemed to think that it was a little better and allowed me to take a picture. He really liked having the cool, damp towel on his lip. I am sure that it did really help.
After a little while Sean was hungry, but didn't want to have to chew his food with his hurt mouth, so we opted for juice in a cup with a straw. He asked me to take this picture because he thought that it was cute and I think that he felt cool because he got to have a cup with no lid all by himself! He looks small in this chair in this picture.


  1. Oh the "big things" little children with "hurts" get to do!

  2. In my experience with little boys. . ..this probably won't be his last fat lip!

  3. The injury no kid can go without!