Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Today has been so good! Everyone has been happy and gotten along pretty well for the most part. Sean and Eleanor had a good time coloring while I did dishes and laundry and tidied up the place. Chloe took a nice long nap this morning and has been very happy and pleasant. They are all three currently taking their afternoon nap, so I am happy with the silence that I know will just not last long enough.

However, there is another reason that today is such a happy day. Tabitha is flying in from Florida and will be here until the 2nd of March (that won't last long enough either). We are all so excited to see her! This will be the first time that she will see and get to hold Chloe. I am sure that I will have more pictures and stories to post after Tab heads back to the Sunshine State. Tomorrow Christine has graciously agreed to watch Sean and Ellie for me so that Mom, Tab, Chloe, and myself can spend the day together. I think maybe we are going to do some thrift store shopping! Saturday we will be getting together with all of the family, so I am sure that will be a fun day too. Unfortunately Tab is coming alone this time, so we will not get to see James or the kids, but I bet it will be a great break for her and a good experience for James with the kids while she is gone. I am sure that Tab will also be anxious to get back to her sweethearts and I know they will miss her too.

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