Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some Success!

Eleanor has recently been telling me when she needs to go potty! I am so happy and proud! I think she will be much easier to train than Sean was. I think she looks pretty happy and proud of herself too!

I've always loved black and white pictures of baby feet, so I took some of Chloe the other day. I know they are not very professional looking and they are a bit blurry, but I still think her little feet are so precious!

And here is her sweet little face. Content and happy to sleep in mommy's arms.


  1. Ellie is so proud and so beautiful!!! I think she is saying "And you thought I was this quiet little mouse, well, wake up world and take notice cause I'm on the scene now!!!!!
    What a change!!!!!

    Really nice pictures of Chloe!!! Little doll!

  2. Eleanor is Queen of the Potty!

  3. How cute Eleanor is on the toilet. And, oh, sweet little Chloe. Still can't believe I have another niece. Can't wait to meet her.