Thursday, January 22, 2009

1 Month

Chloe was 1 month old on the 19th! 
Here is/are the promised monthly teddy bear and Chloe pictures.
Month 1

I couldn't decide which outfit I like better

She got sleepy

This was her 2 weeks and 2 day picture.
She's filled out some and gotten longer since then!

Sean wanted a picture with his dragon!

Eleanor wanted a picture with her Blue's Clues puppy, but she wouldn't sit still and cooperate and smile, so maybe another time...

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  1. She is getting bigger! Looks like she enjoys her paci. Yay! In the second picture of her with the bear she looks like one of those newborn baby dolls. Sean's hair looks good-fresh haircut? I love that dragon!

  2. Yes, Sean got a hair cut about a week and a half ago I think. He really needed it and it looks so much better!

  3. Oh! (said with that high pitched squeal), I love that sweet baby Chloe!
    Sean is such a good picture poser!

  4. Oh, about the outfits.
    Babies look (and are) so sweet and cuddly in little sleepers! They look so comfortable!