Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008!

This year we went to my mom's for Halloween. We made sure that the kids all got a decent supper before we went "trick or treating", then we got some pictures of all the cute cousins all dressed up.

Sean was a dragon, Henry was a skeleton, Naomi was a pumpkin, Marcail was a clown, and Eleanor was a pony, but she wouldn't keep her horse head hood on.

Chris and me with a belly full of a "lil pumpkin" hehehe!!!

Our little family. Sean's eyes look a little creepy in this picture.

Me and my 32 week (and 1 day) baby belly

Eleanor and daddy trick or treating together. She got sleepy and her little legs just couldn't keep going.

The whole crew! My sisters Tab and Christine and all the kids!

Waiting for someone to answer the door and give them more candy!

My Grandma Marylin really got into the spirit of the holiday! Sean thought it was pretty cool to see a witch!


  1. Wow! I think you're supposed to be as far along as I am and you totally don't look it! No wonder I'm getting induced early huh? Lol! The costumes are super cute! I also like your halloween tshirt!

  2. Cute cutie trick-or-treaters...and scary witch. Eek!
    Darling belly full of a "lil pumpkin"!

  3. That looked like so much fun! It's great that all the cousins get to do a lot of things together! I bet they had a blast. Love all the pictures!

  4. Such cute costumes, you all look great!