Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Surprise Party!

Here comes the birthday girl to her surprise party! My mom (Laurie)

The guests: Grandma Jerry (mom's mom), Grandad John (mom's dad), Grandad Don

My dad (Mike) and Grandad Dale (dad's dad)

Mom with friend Jill and Jill's daughter Molly (sorry, I don't remember the other girl's name)

Mom serving up her own cake and punch with and my sister Tab

Grandma Marylin (dad's mom)

Grandma giving cake and ice cream to her great granddaughters Naomi and Eleanor

That's some good cake!

Sean dressed up in the party decorations

Time for gifts!

The grand kids want to help their Grammy

Grammy is getting ready to share her salty black licorice. Little did we know how yucky it was going to taste Hahaha!!!

Mom's new Dala horse mug from her sweetie (my dad of course)

Naomi tried on Grammy's new oven mits

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  1. You are a sneaker!
    Thank you so much for the fun surprise! Love ya! Mom

  2. That's awesome! Surprises are so much fun! And what a good photo memory you got of the party, very nice.